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Comment: This really changes very

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This really changes very

This really changes very little....

Those who run around chanting "I stand with Rand" Will still do so.

Those who have been bashing him will continue to bash him.

The 90% of the country that could careless still could care less.

I'm some of all three of the above. I took what Rand said to mean a robber in an active shoot out could be killed with a drone. Why should someones kid have to step into the line of fire when a drone could do it? In fact a human would have to error on the side of caution to be sure to get the first shot off... A drone could wait... A drone in the right hands could potentially save lives.

Oh... It does show what side of the Fence the "Drudge" appears to be setting on. I would Guess That Matt does not Stand With Rand.