Comment: I have been a big bitcoin critic

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I have been a big bitcoin critic

I was thinking about it earlier today though and I've come the conclusion that I like the idea of having it around. I haven't bought any and perhaps I should dabble in it just to get a feel for it. I don't really have any need to buy any right now but the way I look at it this could be huge for anyone needing to hide money from government confiscation or anyone needing to transfer funds over a border without being detected and I trust there will be many people say getting divorced or going into bankruptcy and trying to hide money or even people who pass away that can put money into bitcoins to hide it from taxes to pass it on to their heirs. While I question whether it is "money" by the definition, I can't question its value in todays society. It certainly has a place where people will need it and use it and as people discover it can be used to their benefit more people will use it.