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((((((((dducky)))))) Let me put it this way

For Rand to be POTUS, we have to be in position within the GOP and the government. We have to have the power of the bottom bleeders like me (and you) united in restoring the republic.

I know Rand understands liberty inside and out, and he knows what he and we are all up against, how government operates, literally, figurtively, actually, virtually, foreign and domestic.. he knows what the UN Agenda is. This isn't a kid who told his Dad to go to hell, though people want to see it that way.. people who are not in the GOP.

Voting consistanly got Ron Paul a legacy that Rand admires, but understands, it's not about duplicating Ron, it's about materializing the message. We do not achieve that by thinking that sign waving and "waking people up", is the solution.. example.. civil war set black people free. Free to starve, because the north didn't want them.. there were no welcoming committees, there was Liberia in Africa to send them off to.. Israel hasn't worked out so well, but it was the same concept of dumping human waste.

POTUS is a goal that comes with MSM attention, so we continue to have the opportunity to support the message, waving signs or being in the GOP and getting Rand the nomination (if you have a better candidate in the GOP than Rand, I'm sorry Justin Amash is not going to beat Rand in the GOP). I'd like to know.. Because if you are not in the GOP, why wouldn't you support the candidate of the folks who are in the GOP?

If you are waiting for the LP to coronate Republican GJ with a LP lapel pin... OK. Why not make your points with your candidate.. or are you not into POTUS anyways? That to me is apathy, and I read all these articles on DP that are HATE AMERICA, full of apathy.. firing people up to jump from the USA frying pan and into a UN Agenda fire, because there will always be those in power who are not interested in your freedom, they profit way too much by your slavery, willing or not. You either work with what there is, or you find an excuse to help the PTB by doing nothing but knocking the candidate the rEVOLution in the GOP (Ron Paul's party is supporting).

My number one issue for decades was cannabis industrial hemp legalization for farming fuel, feed, food, fiber, modern technology to new mills for jobs outside a prison industry.. Rand has done this for Kentucky.. so why wouldn't I like Rand? He's a hero already having done something that in 1993, people didn't know the difference between hemp and medicinal cannabis.. I did not vote for medical marijuana.. I think using the word marijuana is a big mistake because it's a slang word. And I think hemp is very important crop.