Comment: The Real America ended Nov. 22, 1963

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The Real America ended Nov. 22, 1963

This is one of my favorite speeches by JFK. A warning that is even more important today. I was 12 yrs. old when JFK was assassinated and will never forget the moment I heard about it.

The young people today need to know about everything Kennedy stood for and what he was going to do for our country and the world. Then they will understand about all the high level government officials and dark forces that conspired to murder him. They are the same people and agencies that are still causing all the havoc in this country and the world. The truth about the Kennedy assassination is out there and a bit of research or any of the books exposes those responsible and what really happened that day in Dallas.

It was a coverup of such magnitude one cannot believe it. Why? Because irrespective of the truth as to what happened and all those who at the highest lever were responsible, everyone played along so as not to make the US government look like a Banana Republic in the eyes of the world and the American People.

If we could only bring the Kennedy assassination back into the mainstream and have the truth be told to Americans and the world, this current house of cards and shadow government would run for the hills!