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Still Pants to me.

It looks more like pants to me. I did notice another man, below the runner in the picture, who's pants were blown off also. Black jacket with a green shirt, and very little pants. Also, the woman in the red jacket, next to green shirt has no pants. Green shirt looks like the left side of his left leg is badly charred also. And, the woman in red appears to have blood on her upper right thigh in one picture.

It appears the runner must have been standing within inches of the blast, judging by the char marks after the smoke cleared. Also, his left jacket sleeve is gone.

It seems more like pants the more I look. In some of the pictures, It appears that more of the right leg of pants is gone. I still see no cuts on his legs anywhere, or on the other guy who's pants were blown off.

Relative to the picture, below him seems to be lots of fabric loss, above seems more carnage. There is another man there with an apparent lower leg injury.

The runner is certainly not your "average joe". He fought through the concussion of the blast, and ran off with his wits mostly intact. He knew what happened instantly, or knew it was coming, IMO.

I did zoom the other section of these photos too, and frankly, I don't see what some others are saying is there. Admittedly, my eyes aren't what they used to be. ;)

Just open the box and see