Comment: Look I don't think you are being fair in your assessment of

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Look I don't think you are being fair in your assessment of

Ron Paul. I don't know anything about Lew Rockwell or Murray Rothbard. All I know is that the Federal Government is overstepping its bounds removing Constitutional Protection from the people in the name of fighting a nebulous war on terror.

I understand your words about promising the moon as a false front and then bringing in an extremely coersive government. I do not think Ron Paul is saying or doing that.

I think the current criminal socialist agenda that is promising people the moon is going to bring in anarchy when the bottom falls out of the dollar and all the freebies that dependant people are used to are removed. There will be anarchy all right. Anarchy in the name of burning and breaking and slashing and it will not be done by people who love Liberty. I think we will be busy protecting ourselves.

As far as the Occupy movement. I think that is being done by the current administration to rabble rouse young people in the wrong direction. Ron Paul is an opposite force and has a different message of personal responsibility as far as I can tell.

Anyways I brought up 2 things I wanted your opinion on and you never answered:

What do you think about this site? it was linked on the DP and I am wondering if it is legit.

And I have a big problem with Rand right now saying he doesn't care if someone coming out of a liquor store with a gun and $50 is killed by a drone or by the police. What do you think about that?