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Comment: Nice post. I don't see it as

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Nice post. I don't see it as

Nice post. I don't see it as being as bad as you make it out to be, but I get your point. I think a lot of it has to do with it not only being between elections, but Ron is out of the focus of the media. He's always been the standard bearer. Rand is out there every day, but half the movement has turned their back on him, even though Ron stands behind him. And even when Rand is talking, its not about the most important of all subjects, the Fed. The Fed is the Key, it was the rallying cry for the campaign, and nothing the government hopes to accomplish can be done without it. Yet, nobody ever mentions it anymore. We have all let the mainstream media set the agenda. I don't give a rip snorting damn about the Boston massacre. It happened and I'm sorry, but dammit man. You're right. We've got to get back on point. End of rant.