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What is interesting is how easily a "libertarian" falls for the utopian government view of the world. It took me a minute to find the relevant paragraph.

"This brings me to the essence of my grand Libertarian healthcare bargain ... etc"

In which you lay out a system, effectively no different than what is currently mandated. What stops someone from going to their best friend's brother in law as a chiropractor at a $1000/hr to scam the system? Well, that's ok, we'll throw in some "common sense" rules. No non-government certified practitioner, oh, and let's fix some prices. What if that particular chiropractor REALLY was worth $1000/hr. Who decides that? Poof. Your magic utopia, dead.

The problem with ALL man-made systems, is that they are inherently flawed, and can be corrupted, abused, and controlled by those with power.

The problem is that reasonable and intelligent people may just simply disagree. So long as a consensus must be met between these two individuals because they are both having something taken from them, you end it with a political fight over who's opinion is correct. The -real- market knows no such failure because the only real solution is "to each his own" which is the core principle to any truly free market.

The flaw is in the theft, not the spending. Politics is merely the debate over how to spend the ill gotten gains.

So you gave a very long winded sermon, on, well, nothing new or useful.

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