Comment: for those who may have only heard of James Yeager, after his

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for those who may have only heard of James Yeager, after his

"Pack Your Bags" mishap, but not much before that? someone who has been following his works and applying his training for awhile now, for those interested, here's some more background on him:

James Yeager, fmr. Narc, comes out for Full Legalization...of ALL Drugs, Same for Guns!

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Yup, THAT James Yeager, of Tactical Response:

Drugs Should Be Legalized...All of Them

James Yeager
Published on Apr 7, 2013



He makes his case from Constitutional violations POV, Freedom POV (do with your body what you want as long as you don't harm anyone else), moral and financial costs, imprisonment of non-violent offenders, as he states: "lost so many lives, on BOTH sides of the law!", not to mention the fact the availability of drugs are even more ubiquitous than when he began working as an undercover narc, but most of all, from a practical consequentialist POV: it simply does not work!


Great to see Jim coming out very publicly on this issue, considering many of his customers/clients are former and active military and law enforcement and SWAT who are still actively engaged in the Drug War, and most likely still deploy entry techniques, tactics, and skills that he teaches.

But hey, if even 10% of them come away questioning their role (though not likely, but who knows? just may...) during downtime in between sessions shooting sh*t with Yeager, it'd be worth it. 10% is all I ever hope for in my daily drive-by Liberty Proselytization, for anyone whom I come in contact with, too, anyway.

But I've always respected his stance that the same skills should be taught to ALL citizens whether they've ever been, were, are, or are not or were not part of the statist security mechanism, or not.

He elaborates further about Bill of Rights violation in the name of the UnConstitutional Drug War, and critiques the 'Patriot' Act!

For those who may not be familiar, Yeager also publicly endorsed Gary Johnson for Pres (for those who want be made aware, anyway):

though not for RP, at least not publicly. Though he still has some statist tendencies, if Constitutionalist minarchism is as far as he'll go, that's still a gazillion times better than nothing, considering what world he's coming from.

Cheers to Yeager-meister!

Check to see if his classes are coming to a city near you:

PS. "Why should I have to give up MY FREEDOMS, because some dickhead broke the Law!"

Yup, in the simplest terms, I'd say that Yeager's above statement pretty much sums it up.

He also went on to state that while he knows that we will never have 100% freedom under the current legal paradigm, but 100% legalization of ALL drugs, is just one more step toward that end, at least a direction toward a more free society. Along with the fact that he testifies that how many active police, in uniform, agree with him in that regard, privately...something we've ALWAYS known; like all vets who become cannon fodders for banksters' wars, when they've been used by assholes and risked their lives...for nothing, they wake up pretty quickly.

The Tennessee homeboi makes me sooooo proud.

** For those who may have not seen this interview, here's Mike "The HealthRanger" Adams interviewing James Yeager, while guest hosting the Alex Jones Show: Surviving The Coming Apocalypse with Tactical Expert James Yeager

UPDATE 1: Yeager's on a roll!

The Only Way for you to be FREE, is to let other people be Free!

Gay Rights and Gun Rights

James Yeager
Published on Apr 8, 2013

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul