Comment: I hate to live up to my screen name

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I hate to live up to my screen name

...but this forum gives me so many opportunities!

First of all, the premise is that the Arpaio theory that the birth cert is a forgery made up of layers has been questioned. I am not sure whether it is possible to determine if it is a layered forgery or not. I am not a techie. I would surmise that about 98.9% of the persons commenting in this thread are also of insufficient technical knowledge to be able to critically look at the evidence from both sides and say who is correct. And even those who have that knowledge probably don't have access to the raw material needed to make a determination one way or the other. Arm-chairing of this thing has gotten ridiculous.

Assuming that Arpaio's men have the one and only correct answer, however, this sounds like balloon juice. It just does. A group of unnamed VIPs (a pretty gray distinction there, isn't it?) who will "meet" with his people? What does that mean? Are they playing golf? Coffee at Starbucks? Or are they investigating something? Are these just media buffoons with bad multi-combovers, or are they US Attorneys and Congressmen and Senators? Somehow I suspect closer to the former and further from the latter.

And, finally, why, after all this time, well into the second term, would anything happen?

Then there is the pesky thing about the case law. What about case law that says anyone born in the US is a natural born citizen, regardless of what that term was thought to mean at some point in the distant past?

I predict this will be just like one of Orly's lawsuits - it will go nowhere slow. But that's just me.

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