Comment: What just happened? Hard to say but...

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What just happened? Hard to say but...

Back in 2008 or so thousands of acres of land around here kept changing real estate signs.

Thomas A. Duke for a quarter with their white and turquoise signs.

Grub and Ellis and the Yellow and Black signs would take over for a quarter.

But then I heard a news report that said that major companies (Federal Reserve Members) were swapping assets to keep their books looking solvent.

In this way the apparent assets were doubled on the books but not in reality.

So who is buying Paper Gold and Silver at the low prices and who is selling at low prices.

At least with the real estate actual land was identified. I watched the signs change.

However, with paper gold and silver more is being traded than is physically available.

It's a very old scam. Back in the late 1830s in Michigan the wildcat banks hired an ox cart that moved Gold from bank to bank just ahead of the bank examiner. Alpheus Felch noticed that the crates looked familiar. So he backtracked while the ox cart moved on.

Of course, the last bank failed their examination.

This is a new twist on a very old fraud, IMO.

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