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"They aren't truth seeking, they are alarmists and fear-mongers..."

"They unite behind a meaningless, imaginary enemy called the New World Order."

You've been here three years? Well, I can honestly say, "You haven't learned a damn thing!"

That's my quote.

I suppose you say that the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th amendments are also safe, right?

You explaining how the dailypaul works is like a monkey running a power plant. You don't have a clue! Your advice should be free because its worthless.

NOT seeking the truth? Thats why they are called truthers, right? Because they hide from the truth. WE are the fear mongers? Turn on your tv, friend, and see what you see there. Or, better yet, in your case, turn it off!

Nobody here is following anybody anywhere. We are leaders. We helped to create this movement because of Ron Paul. You are a clever disinfo agent but you are easily identified. You turn EVERYTHING around. I pity you.

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