Comment: Nystrom is wrong on one front

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Nystrom is wrong on one front

We CAN have greater unity of PURPOSE. No, we won't agree on certain conspiracy theories. We might not agree on candidates, or on certain tactical approaches. Some of us are more uncompromising than others.

But we CAN, and SHOULD, agree to focus on the areas where we DO AGREE. We DO have unity on certain issues, even if we don't agree 100% on how to proceed or how far to go.

Do we not agree on:

-Lower taxes
-More freedom
-Less foreign intervention
-Monetary reform and transparency
-Less executive power
-Respect for the Constitution


If someone DOESN'T agree with those issues, or thinks those issues take a back seat to something else (e.g., "it's more important to expose the 'truth' about 9/11" or "it's more important to promote Christian values" or "it's more important to sell BitCoins"), then we get unity by politely escorting those people out of the movement.

I'm for a big tent. I'm for disagreement. I'm for talking with people who aren't even in the tent, but can work with you on a case-by-case or election by election basis. But if we don't have unity on those issues, and on those issues as PRIORITIES, then we won't win.

Daily Paul used to focus on those issues. Meetups and sign waves and local groups used to focus on those issues. When people would pretend to be part of our unified movement, but would show more interest in other distractions, we POLITELY moved them aside. "We're glad to have your support, but that's not what we're about here."

We need that fortitude now. We need to be able to tell people who either aren't on board, or have other priorities, that they're not part of the movement. I'll gladly march side-by-side with a Christian, an atheist, an anarcho-capitalist, a truther, or anyone who agrees on the core principles of this movement and makes them the top priority. And I'll gladly stay polite and civil with someone who agrees on some issues, but is more interested in promoting those other ideologies.

But I don't buy into this notion that we must be inherently divided the way some people spin it. GET ON BOARD WITH REAL POLITICAL ACTION TOWARD LIBERTY ABOVE OTHER POLITICAL CAUSES. If you can't, it doesn't make you a bad person, but you're not really part of this movement. And showing those folks the door doesn't make you intolerant or rude or make you a "censor" or a "government plant." It makes you a realist who wants to get things done.