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Spoken like a true Roman

That is exactly why the Romans persecuted the Christians, they didn't like the part about eternal damnation. They were tolerant of all the religions they conquored because they didn't have this component.

The thing is, we are commanded by the Lord Jesus Himself to proclaim that mankind is in a Matrix and the only way out is through the Blood. This world is going to Hell whether you believe it or not. Like a plane going down, you can be in denial or put on the parachute (The Bible says put on the Lord Jesus Christ). Yes, saying this makes us "look bad", but if we don't tell people about the actual reality they're facing, we aren't really loving them and are disobeying Our Lord.

I'm not sure who's placing the blame on government schools, but the fact that progressive education as outlined by Charlotte Iserbyt in her masterwork, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, outlines clearing that the goal is to change "the fixed values and beliefs" of the child. This role playing is a classic psychological technique used to desensitize and normalize what the child would find abnormal at home. Ditto for the slave training and getting all your approval from an authority figure other than your parents.