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Guess what!

I have an asparagus patch!!! I planted it the 2nd year we were here. I get to pick fresh asparagus for about 6 weeks! It should be coming up any day now. I am looking to see where I left off talking to you, so I was perusing your comments and found this one and couldn't help saying so!

And the homemade chocolate cake the Amish brought me...Do you know it is hand mixed and baked in a wood stove? All from scratch. It is dark chocolate, not to sweet but heavy and rich. I cannot believe how good it is! I've had 2 pieces today. I am way far off my cereal diet.

I do not like Rand's comments on Fox regarding him not caring whether a someone coming out of a liquor store with a gun and $50 bucks is killed by a drone or the police. That bothers me big time. I am not so sure he is a Friend if he can say that he doesn't care if a single person is judge, jury, and executioner and he doesn't care. Have you listened to the interview?

OK now I am going to go figure out where I left of talking to you.