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when he says

"with a gun" he is implying a firefight, like threatening people, what would be wrong with holding 50 dollars, your logic is silly. I bet you have a hard time getting across to people who disagree with you. you guys need to just relax, big government is not going to take over the world, they can't even take your AK's, I have my own problems with Rand but I give him a 9 1/2 out of 10, it's all about perspective, I will defend this guy till I die because I know there's only about 4 other senators that really see eye to eye with that guy and if we want him to drive Ron's game plan home we don't need to be just talking crap like it is nothing and he doesn't fight for us. If he becomes pres. you will be eating your words and regretting it as well.

You just got PAULED!