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What? Are you threatening me?

You said: "If he becomes pres. you will be eating your words and regretting it as well."

What do you mean I will be regretting it? Will he be sending a drone to my house because I dared to say that I do not agree with his statements on FOX NEWS for all the conservative people to hear that "He doesn't care if a person leaving a liquor store with a gun and $50 is killed by a drone or a policeman."

He did not say anything about a firefight. He needs to be careful with his words. "He doesn't care if a person is killed." I don't care if it is a firefight or not. I care if a person is killed.

His words were careless and if he does not mean what he says, then what does he mean. He needs Adam Kokesh to speak for him?

And by the way, I have very little respect for Adam Kokesh, so the whole idea that he of all people is defending Rand after he was, from what I understood, not allowed to attend Ron Paul's rally at the sun dome. And then he dares to call Ron Paul an AnarchoCapitalist. Ron Paul is not an AnarchoCapitalist. He said so himself.

Something does not sit right with this whole thing as far as I am concerned and I am not a stupid idiot with silly logic.

What Rand needs to do is get on public television and CLARIFY his statement himself...if indeed HE CARES if someone is killed.

My problem is not with the drone as the weapon of choice it is with the whole idea that someone with a gun and $50 bucks coming out of a liquor store is a target to kill. PERIOD.

If there is a firefight, then RAND NEEDS TO SAY THOSE WORDS.

And then Kokesh has the audacity to show the blue truck in the Dorner chase? As if drones were used, then that wouldn't of happened? Well, if drones were used I would imagine the 2 women would be dead today because those cops would have called in the drones instead of doing the shooting themselves.

And by the way, I want to support Rand.