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Comment: good going Tom

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good going Tom

I like you even more now. And you have probably learned that we are led around by our taste buds and just one of the problems that causes is weight gain. We can't expect the government to get the dietary food pyramid right if they can't get anything else right. But like most all the other things they do it keeps us distracted and sick and they like us that way because we are more easily controlled. They can sell us health care and we can dutifully go to the doctors and get "medicine" instead of eating real food. Of course when the market is taken away prices will go up and service will go down. They like that too.

In my opinion it is difficult to have real freedom when we have the grain feed bag strapped to our faces. You reading along Fishy?

By the way Tom I hope you are drinking the milk that the good Doctor would want you to drink. That's right, raw and preferably from grass fed animals.

Bread and circuses folks and Tom is now out of the circus.

Be aware Tom that it may not be a straight shot up as the body needs to get used to real food.

I will get to your website soon and for now it's time for some butter and bone broth.

There is hope!