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Three people died in Boston and several others were injured, some in a life-changing manner. It is tragic.

Last year, 532 people were murdered in Chicago alone. In February of this year, "only" 14 people were murdered in Chicago, the lowest number since 1957.

Chicago Murders

Lowest Since 1957

The reason you don't see any of those stories posted on the Daily Paul is because (a) it does not make the news so it is not "in the news," and (b) there has never been a god damned military invasion of Chicago, complete with tanks rolling down the streets, and military personnel -- not just city cops -- doing unconstitutional house-to-house searches without a warrant just to find a suspect, even though they had no reason to believe that the suspect was in any particular house.

It is outrageous! If you have awakened from your McCain stupor, then maybe you've noticed that the only "domestic terrorist" plots within the USA in the past 10 years have been conducted by a few unnamed members of the FBI.

You DO know that, right?

And you whine about the fact that people are trying to figure out what the hell happened? Seriously?

When a crime is committed that makes national news headlines, people talk about it. When the government reaction is to institute martial law and violate constitutional rights en masse, then I would hope that people would talk about it at the Daily Paul of all places.

And I also hope they would keep the government's feet to the fire as best they can to point out where the story doesn't seem to add up, considering that NONE of the government's stories add up when it comes to so-called "domestic terrorism"

And if you can't figure out why those stories just don't quite add up, then I would suggest you are not as awake as you think you are.

If the Boston incident had never happened, none of the related threads would have been created. If you don't want to read them, don't.