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Comment: YES, Kozmodave, MANY GOOD POINTS in Your Comments Below!

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YES, Kozmodave, MANY GOOD POINTS in Your Comments Below!

I Did VOTE for RON PAUL in the LAST ELECTION! I VOTED for RON for the Same Reasons mentioned in Your Comments Below! He "IS EXCEPTIONAL" & has been Very Consistent in following Libertarian Principles. There is NO WAY I could VOTE for the Republican Candidate, who was just the SAME OLD VERSION of what we had in the PAST, that was NOT Good FOR OUR COUNTRY. From the COMMENTS of those around me, that were REPUBLICAN, I came to Understand that THEY were VOTING for the "Best of the EVILS Presented on the BALLOT"! They thought if they VOTED FOR ROMNEY, OBAMA would NOT Win!

SO if RAND PAUL, who is Acting Like a Neocon, is the Candidate, he will be in the "Same Position" ROMNEY was in, and we will still NOT have a WINNER! He would Still be ONLY the "Best of the EVILS" Presented on the Ballot. Since the People will be "Awakened to the Nation's Troubles", We do not NEED ANYONE that will "COMPROMISE THEIR PRINCIPLES" on the BALLOT NEXT TIME".

Hopefully, that will be SEEN by the Time we get to the NEXT ELECTION! I do think RON PAUL will Assist or be PART OF the Next ELECTION, in some way. That will be a CONSISTANT Move on his Part. for the Libertarian Cause.