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Comment: This photo is so chilling

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This photo is so chilling

And yet I am so drawn to it, to coming back and looking at it, again and again.

Who had the guts to take that picture?

If it were you, you know that in less that a second, you could be dead. Just like that.

- poof -

On to the next world. And you weren't even close to ready. So much still to do. So many things. So many people. So many goals. So much life. So much love.

All gone in an instant.

Of course the moment of death slows down. That is what they all say - those who have had near death experiences. It all slows down so you can see your life in summary for what it was: Where you were, what you did.

All you touch, and all you see - is all your life, will ever be
Run! rabbit run. Dig that hole, catch the sun.
And when, and when the work it done.
Don't relax, its time to build another one

It is the moment of judgement, in the millisecond that that bullet is flying towards you. It all slows down, and it all gets so clear in those moments as you approach death.

All those truths that you denied your entire life are revealed to be illusions: The status you craved, the FRNs you lusted for and everything you sacrificed because of it. For a few extra bucks and some pats on the head, consuming and creating a wasted life.

But what about those fellow travelers? What about all those others, on the exact same road as you. You're so arrogant as to think you're the only one on this journey - this journey of discovery. Everyone on Earth is on it: Trying to survive, trying to understand what this condition means - to be human. Everyone is trying in his or her own way. We're all trying on identities and ideologies like we try on new clothes.

Which one fits? Which one looks best? Which one is most comfortable?

Whatever you do guys - have fun. Fun always brings the most energy. Even the monsters at Monsters Inc. eventually learned that.

Death can come at any time. That is why every day must be lived to its fullest.

I love you all.

Maybe the guy gets jumpy, itchy trigger - just like how the revolution started on the Lexington Green.