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I don't know. How do you

I don't know. How do you explain the evolution of our teeth which are better adapted for a herbivorous diet?

Isotopic analysis of early man says otherwise:

Are we meat eaters or vegetarians? Part III

Nor are we particularly fast or strong so as to hunt very well or often...

Humans are clever. There are anthropological arguments that we evolved eating the fat that was protected by bone.

Human Mammal, Human Hunter - Attenborough - Life of Mammals - BBC

Three Men vs. Fifteen Hungry Lions - Human Planet, Grasslands, Preview - BBC One

I think the problem is the speed with which refined carbs are taken up by the body. Somewhat related to glycemic index.

Not possible to hunt and gather refined carbs.

My opinion is that we should trust our own bodies a bit more, listen to it and observe it. If a particular type of food makes you bloated or lethargic, avoid it. If you feel fresh and energetic after eating something, go for it.

More objectively, we have blood glucose and blood ketone meters now. One can measure one's own reactions to various "foods."