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Josh, thank you for the explanation

I very much appreciate it.

And I agree with this:

it still terrifies me that so many people here could be so irrational and so callous.

I don't know what those people mean, and why they would believe and spread such an idea. Sometimes I feel like I'm boxing with ghosts.

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Thank you for the explanation about Anarcho Capitalism. I appreciate that. I believe it is a noble goal, but I wonder if it is every possible. I know that in order to make something a reality, you have to believe in it. I believe it would only be possible if people put a big curb on their egos.

Ironically, for the individual to survive, we have to think of, and manage, the collective. If 90% of us are living in poverty, there will be no freedom for the 10%.

My intuition tells me that. At the same time, anarchy seems impossible to conceive. As if my imagination is not big enough.

For anarchists to succeed, you need, not only to paint a beautiful picture of the future, but a path to get there.

The problem of many of us here is that we focus on the negatives of this world. By now, I am bored and tired of that line of thought. It is time to move beyond. What is the vision of the future, and how do we get there.

With all due respect to your website, as I know that it is much work to create and and maintain, it suffers the same problem of the Daily Paul: Recycled content.

One thing the Liberty Movement lacks is original content.

You have passion Josh, that much is cleaer. I see you haven't updated your content in a while.

Update it with something of yourself. You did something brave and important here Josh, in calling bullschnitt on that disinformation meme.

Tell us more.

You have a big heart.