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"But what Sussman and Hart

"But what Sussman and Hart discovered is that Australopithecus afarensis was not dentally pre-adapted to eat meat. "It didn't have the sharp shearing blades necessary to retain and cut such foods," Sussman says. "These early humans simply couldn't eat meat. If they couldn't eat meat, why would they hunt?" "

Am not claiming it as conclusive proof of anything but it is very likely that early humans had vastly different diets depending on what was available in their area.

Evolutionary evidence seems to point to a diet of fruits and nuts followed by a transition to an omnivorous diet.

To be honest the whole premise of lets eat as early man did does not make much sense to me. Lets study nutrition more closely and arrive at the best solution. If eating as early man (whichever version) did proves to be that solution then so be it.

I know the science of insulin causing hunger and deposition of fat and it seems to make sense. Except that in the brain insulin seems to have an appetite suppressing effect. As the science is inconclusive and still coming in we should be circumspect about extreme diets.

Disclaimer: have done Atkins diet, fruit diet, calorie restriction etc etc. The problem arises in a social situation. You look like a bit of an ass if you pass up all the pastries, cakes, savoury dishes and ask for a banana. And fortunately I'm healthy enough to enjoy the social aspects of food which is a big part of life.

There is nothing more enjoyable than working all day and then sitting down with your friends in the evening for music, good food and drinks.