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Comment: Rand is not a Neocon. You are sloppy with your words

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Rand is not a Neocon. You are sloppy with your words

That being said, he is hard to pin down as to what he is.

Rand is the consumate politician. He is building upon, and refining what he learned observing Pa.

What his intentions are, I have no idea. 65-35 that he's mostly just/mostly after power is the odds I give at this point.

He might do some good things, but he might be just as ineffectual as Obama was for the left. Obama crushed a lot of people's souls. They had such high expectations...

I know some of them. I live in Massachusetts for God's sake! The place is teeming with disappointed Obama supporters.

So I understand how Rand supporters might wind up in the same boat. Such high expectations that will only be dashed. Even if he becomes president - whatever hopes you had will ultimately be dashed. This is what I have learned from the disaffected Obama supporters. But the interesting part is: They don't blame him! They say, "He had to do it to play the game."

In the end, he was able to pass the fascist directive (universal heath purchasing requirements by the American public) under the guise of 'democracy.'

Can Rand slay the machine?

Doubtfully, but it will sure be fun watching!