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Thanks for Everything Michael

Especially your conversations with me about your travels, sometimes the China thing seems overwhelming, but it is nice to hear about your time in Japan.

I just want to add that this thread is amazing because of Rocketman who has become the DP’s alarm clock and says good morning to the DP every day. Mountaincat who will listen to random world music with me and DJP who will go instrumental with me every now and then. Then there is John Carter who quite literally rocks out a few times a day in a turn up the volume and rock on type way. No.7 who is a duet genius and Betty Liberty who is punk rocker. And it wouldn’t be the same without Laurelai coming through and making her observations every week or so. And then there is Obi who travels back to the 90’s with me, and Mike who keeps us all informed on what is going on in the alt rock world. Dducks deals with my replies that sometimes ramble and usually don’t make much sense. Has is amazing at replies and can go back and forth for quite some time. President Paul or Bust, Ira Freeman, and Musicians and Hotties all stop in and liven the place up every now and then. Some people have only stopped by once like Mark Twain and he dropped off Vintage German Yodeling (that was pre embed days and I just realized that I remember that somehow, but not where I put my keys earlier today lol). Chris… I mean Pol Pot usually brings by something comical and light hearted. Ralph Hornsby is always ready for some rockabilly but is not ashamed at all of his childhood love of technotronic. Josh Arizona stops by every now and then and drops off a video or 2, but I was especially fond of a recent 420 exchange he had with me. Bear brings us some gospel from time to time and Wes is a sound junky guru magic man and although he has cost me a small fortune the thread wouldn’t be the same without him.

There have been dance parties, rap battles, drum circles and just flat out jam sessions. We have punk rockers, metal heads, rap stars, folk singers, big bands, jazz bands, world music and sounds. There are soda shop bubble gum poppers, rock n rollers, reggae dudes, electronic techno ravers, psychedelic rockers (that stuff is dangerous in high amounts guys), there are show tunes, boy bands, and singer song writers. There are mashups, covers, remixes of classics, and debuts of the newest stuff. People bring by their original work or work of friends and family, there has even been some spoken word and open mic night type stuff and we have even had lullaby’s. Some videos crack me up, others make me smile, and some make me feel nostalgic. Some videos have put me to sleep and while that might not sound like a compliment, if your video puts me to sleep you are my hero for the night. And sometimes someone plays the perfect song that I really just wanted to hear right then but I didn’t know I wanted to hear it until they played it. And all this has already been covered in 2 of my favorite comments in this thread somewhere back there and those comments did not even have videos they were just observations from some sound junkies and they probably covered it much more eloquently than I did (one of them should stop back by someday for a drum circle or something). But this thread would not work for a second without any of the people/sounds I listed above, they do the heavy lifting, I just listen to the music and throw my own stuff in the mix every now and then. Imagine that Michael, all of those groups of people and all of those sounds in one place just living and letting others live and accepting that we are not all the same. Isn’t it grand? ;)

I wanted to add that because I don't want anyone to think that I don't appreciate all their posts, I love every post in this thread and my ipod has become so much cooler because of you guys.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss