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No evolution of teeth

There has been no evolution of our teeth (or anything else, for that matter.) And the shape of teeth is irrelevant to the discussion. For example, I nabbed this from an article on defense/attack structures at -

"Let’s take sharp teeth as an example. When people see animals with sharp teeth, they most commonly interpret this to mean that the animal is a meat-eater. When scientists find fossils of creatures with sharp teeth, they also interpret this to mean that the animal was a meat-eater. But is this a proper interpretation? Not really. Sharp teeth in animals indicate only one thing—the animal has sharp teeth.

"Creatures with sharp teeth do not necessarily use them to rip other animals apart today. For example, the giant panda has very sharp teeth, yet it eats entirely bamboo shoots. Also, the fruit bat, which at first might appear to have teeth consistent with a carnivorous diet, eats primarily fruit. The Bible teaches that animals were created to be vegetarian (Genesis 1:30); so, we must be careful not to merely assume what an animal ate based on its teeth."

Man was originally a vegetarian, too, but then God gave us meat in Genesis 9:3. Yum - them animals is tasty.

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