Comment: Paul has endorsed Broun

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Paul has endorsed Broun

A number of people have come to me saying, "Paul has endorsed Broun and what are my thoughts since I supported Paul so vigorously?"

Yes, I supported Paul because I supported the cause if Freedom and did so without wavering. It was not because of party line affiliation.

Secondly, Broun is a flip flopper. Paul's endorsement will not change that FACT.

Last but not least, Paul doesn't know that I'm attempting a run.

Beyond that, know this, I'm not seeking any one man or woman's endorsement. I only need the endorsement of "We The People."

I've been literally asked to seek something further down the trough, like a local post. Others who've served longer deserve this opportunity and I'll only get in their way.

Good. They've been in mine too damned long. Move!



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