Comment: A message TMOT - The Minister of Truth, Derrick Grayson

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A message TMOT - The Minister of Truth, Derrick Grayson

It seems that every day our elected representatives become more intent on expanding the size of government and legislating away our individual liberties. In fact, these are not our representatives. They are in large part career politicians, and bought and paid for "assets" of special interest groups and lobbies.

Now more than ever we need genuine voices representing the will of "we the people". We don't need more aspiring leaders and self interested politicians. We need public servants who are willing to serve, not conspiring with special interests, or pushing personal agendas.

I encourage you to continue to help and assist me in determining if a 2014 U.S. Senate run is appropriate and viable.

One way you can help is by passing the exploratory committee's website "", on to your friends, family, coworkers, and even your enemies. They are suffering too. Remember, this about the individual, not the groups or other special interests who would have us serve them.

I will only go, if you send me.

In liberty,

Minister Derrick E. Grayson
Your Time, Talent and a Buck.
Together, We Can Overcome It