Comment: Context plays a big role.

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Context plays a big role.

Context plays a big role. What Mr. Jones was saying could easily be construed as being in the past tense, unless you think Dennis Kucinich is still in the process of leaving congress. By your logic he's retiring again. If RP was running in 2016, it would contradict his statement about there being no conscience in Washington.

The second clip is from a news anchor, the fact that you'd put any weight behind that is extremely questionable.

I'd love to have Ron Paul as President as much as anyone here, but there's a line between being realistic and being delusional. Furthermore, Dr. Paul himself doesn't want everyone to depend on him for the future of the country, it goes against his entire message of individualism and personal responsibility.

Be the change you want to see, stop relying on Ron Paul, the man's 77 years old, FFS, give him a break to focus on his other projects.

Also, Rand is most likely going to run in 2016. Ron has already stated he would not run against his son (specifically, when he was on The View). I tend to take the guy at his word.

PS - Whoever down-voted me is a prick that's divorced from reality, lol.