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Comment: ohhhhhhhhh

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you know how finally after a while,,, staying informed you just get fed up

that feeling ,,, seeing in all areas of finance, gov't , legislation, bought off reps,, more laws,,,,free stuff is better than ind. responsibility.,,, the fact it's not mob rules and democracy rules,,, but protecting individuals all and the same,,, though no one sees or mention that

that we are just screwed and so beyond any type of redemption

i think i need a break,,,, and a blackout of a month,,, this last week has just been overload with the fact idiocy is overwhelmingly everywhere,,, in every crevice and nook,,,,

even here,,, a reprieve from low info voters, thinkers,,,, we're inundated with the news of it

had to vent i guess

many will tell me my addiction to the torture of watching the idiocy of msnbc would cure me,,,,, but it's addiction something so bad for you but enjoyable in a demented way