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Granger, you miss the point.

No one has suggested not going to jury duty. What we are trying to get you to understand is how corrupt the system has become and that you are not duty bound to engage it only on their terms. If you become involved in a marijuana case where the individual on trial actually admitted to his possession of the "illegal weed" you still are not duty bound to vote for a conviction. It's all about your own conscience and the lengths you will allow the corrupt puppet masters to compromise your values. The prison system in this country is the worlds largest and in light of that fact you must agree that our Judicial system is comparable and that is nothing to be proud of. Myself, I have always been excused from duty once I show up after being called due to my history with the County and local Government. They know full well that I am a Nullification fan and won't give me the chance to exercise that option.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.