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You sounds exactly like...

You sound exactly like the people who got Obama elected, and then reelected. For example, pro-marijuana legalization folks used to tell me "I'm gonna vote for Obama because he's going to legalize pot", and I'd say, but you do realize he's said he doesn't support legalization and he actually wants tougher drug laws. Of course, their response would be, "oh he's just playing that game so he can win the election, once he gets in, he's going to legalize it baby!"... so much for that.

Here's another example, how about all those people who said, "I'm going to vote for Obama because he's going to end all these wars" and then after getting him elected, and reelected, we have more wars and more police state... I could go on, but do you see where I'm coming from?

Don't be surprised when you spend all your time, effort, and money to get Rand elected, and then he does the opposite of everything you wanted.

Are you familiar with the phrase, "cult of personality". Just because he's the son of Ron Paul DOES NOT mean that he is going to stick up for freedom and liberty in DC. Continuing to insist that he is, and will, doesn't change the fact that so far he's done little to stand up for our freedoms. When you put all your faith in one politician, you're bound to get burned. Just ask all those people who thought Obama was going to legalize pot, end the wars, and legalize gay marriage.