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You mean...

He's playing politics just like Obama did to get elected. He dropped keywords and insinuated that he was going to do things without actually providing any hard evidence that he would. I wish you could see how ridiculous it sounds when you chant the mantra "stand with Rand". This is the same exact blind support that got Obama elected.

These comments like "Rand is our best hope for freedom", scare the hell out of me, because it reminds me of the same unconditional support that the liberals gave Obama back in 2008. It doesn't matter what he's actually going to do, you just want to vote for him because you like his image.

The only image I have of Rand Paul is him giving the proverbial finger to his father's supporters during the 2012 primary. Am I the only one remembers him walking down the street coldly refusing to answer and questions from journalists? Since when is this behavior acceptable of a "liberty candidate"?