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I see you got a lot of thumbs

I see you got a lot of thumbs down for denying evolution BS and quoting the Bible. You get a thumbs up from me. We're omnivores, if a person is so inclined to label us the way that "scientists" label animals. People who deny eating animals don't live very long. Whenever you see someone on the news who lives to be well over 100 they are never vegans and they don't live a sedentary life but allot a few hours a week to exercise; they're working-class active people who burn their calories slowly and consistently. You always see those old people outside (sunlight is a nutrient, tanning beds are not a substitute) maintaining their property. People who shy away from caloric food and cram their "exercise" in an hour every few days usually keel over a little after middle age from a heart attack. Calories in food mean nothing. If you get all of your nutrients you just pass them through your system. Your body only absorbs the calories it needs and the nutrients allow it to disregard the rest. Activity is a nutrient, so don't think I am saying you can sit on your ass while getting your nutrients and stay thin and healthy. It's eating chemical-laden junk food, nutrient-deficient plants, and GMO plants that make your body store fat outside and in the arteries.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.