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Comment: Bartender! I'm buying this man a drink! I like the way he thinks

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Bartender! I'm buying this man a drink! I like the way he thinks

LOL! I have to quit sleeping in, you keep stealing my best lines!
I'll try to add something useful. I have not scrolled down, ut if there are any replies they are likely something like "But John C, How do I do that? I'm stuck on the hamster wheel."
One step at a time. First thing I did was look at my bills. When I first woke up, it was quite a list. I dropped my landline phone and cable (the whole TV got the boot) and curbside trash pickup, put a woodstove in, started cutting up and paying off the plastic, the foo-foo coffees stopped, no more supporting Hollywood, I won't even rent a "Red box" movie... You know what I got, in addition to a big chunk of my money back? A big chunk of my TIME back. Once I cut the funding of my own hypnosis, I suddenly had PLENTY of time for a few chickens and a garden.
Zero your efforts in on that worthless FRN. STOP TOUCHING THEM as much as you possibly can. And not cheating by using plastic or checks. Just try to circulate the least money you can. Yes, I still have to spend FRNs at the grocery store. That is where the garden and chickens come in, reduce how many of them you circulate at the store. And when you have to shop, keep it as local as possible.
It gets to be fun, my neighbors think I am a "pushover" because I won't take money when I do favors for them. It is stuff like pull some weeds, grab something while I'm in town, stuff that does not cost me money so I don't need to recoup any losses. By refusing the money when I offer, I get paid in things like chocolate cake, a book on alternative energy, garden stakes for the garden that was tilled for me... And yes, there is one couple who "take advantage" but... they are not evil, just fell for some of the lies, a few too many. I'm just trying to love my way through it, they cost me nothing but time that I freely offer, so I am trying to not let them aggravate me. I am hung up on the way they ask for help, at the last minute and by whining and beating around the bush, I get to play this guessing game about what it is they need. I had a sister like that and it hits me at a very deeply ingrained level.... Just SPIT IT OUT!!!! Arghhhh!
Have a great day, and rather than tell you to get out of my head, I'll invite everyone else to join us here!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.