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The problem

I find the problem being manners, people throwing insults to left and right and hoping it will accomplish something. If I was a dedicated admin I would first warn then ban(if repeated incidents) when people does personal attacks.

Let's say someone posts something controversial like "I'm for local authority but not global". There are a lot of Anarchists here that tend to think all government and authority is bad. Wither or not you are for one or the other, we should at least be able to keep a civil discussion about it, instead of complete rejection and denial "my way or the highway style" it is not very uniting.

Our values are our own but they should not be set in stone, and most importantly not be forced onto others. Because then we are not better than what most of us here oppose.

-Lower taxes
-More freedom
-Less foreign intervention
-Monetary reform and transparency
-Less executive power
-Respect for the Constitution

All good points in my book, but should we be forced to share them or take a hike? I'd say have an open a discussion, share thoughts, share your perspective without too much prejudice.

Edit: I do however agree that focus should not be on promoting Christianity nor Bitcoin for that matter, but we should not ban people for having disagreements.