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Agree to disagree, then?

The basic rift between your goal and my goal is pretty simple: You still think we can use politics and government to gain liberty. I wish you the best in your efforts, I poured a great deal of energy into that effort myself. I try to stay alert for signs that something within the political sphere has changed deeply enough that I would be willing to put effort there again, so far I have not seen that.
I believe that true liberty is only to be had one one person at a time. One by one, if humans embraced their birthright to self govern, the power of those who seek to rule over others would fade away.
As for compromises about healthcare... as it stands, only "government certified" witchdoctors may practice. Massage therapists have to be licensed. Insurance companies will not cover most alternative practitioners, and only licensed ones. For a truly free health care market, I ought to be able to hang a shingle: "Witch Doctor" and as long as my voodoo worked, people would come to me. If I got caught scamming, people would stop coming to me. If I hurt people out of negligence, my neighbors would punish me.
It is sort of like the atheist thing... "I just believe in one less god than you." You talk a pretty good game about "smaller government" - I just want one a little smaller than you.
Interesting timing, though. That Taibbi article this morning has my eyebrows up...

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