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Not sure what this has to do

Not sure what this has to do with your previous responses but, am happy to move along.

You are making assumptions. I never have bought the Bin Laden story. Not from pulling off 911 to the swimming with the fish.

You also use a very broad term Government. Do you mean the Government workers mowing alongside the roads? In the Toll Booths? The air traffic controllers? You do realize you more than likely have some of these Government workings in your extended family, on your block, and within your town.

How sure are you that Alex isn't a disinformation Agent? After all he never rallies the troops to action. In years of having the public ear he has done nothing other than rant. His answer is to spread the word by getting as many people as you can listening to his radio show. If he is genuine then why not take a modest salary and spend every dime spreading the word? I don't think he really is an agent but, I wouldn't stake my life on it. He may be profit driven.

I have news for you. This country was formed by a conspiracy. Conspiracy has been going on since Jesus was a bus boy. If you are serious about being a conspiracy detective I would advise you to turn on the TV and watch all the MSM. In other words keep your friends close and your enemy even closer.

Life is short and you have the power to believe and live the way you choose. Even if the end is near why push your family and friends away with all the Alex hype? I choose to try to live a balanced life and realize somethings I can change and somethings I can not change. I choose not to live in fear.