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1. Potatoes are good in

1. Potatoes are good in moderation, and sweet potatoes are better. A cup or so of white rice once a week or so is fine, especially after a good workout (replenishes glycogen stores in your muscles). IMO starches > any other carbohydrate in terms of taste, satiety, and health. Get those good workouts in there and use the carbs to your advantage. Keep them your lowest macronutrient, though. Aim for <80g a day I say, then a little higher (~120?) on the weekend. Find what works for you.

2. Me too; I'm not allowed to bring fish in the house. Fish isn't required, just healthy. You can get plenty of variety without fish. I like to have some for lunch at work sometimes because I like it and it won't bother her.

It is and it isn't. Good meats are "expensive", but a meal for two at McDonalds can be over $15 dollars. $8 dollars for steak, a few for veggies covered in butter, and you're set. Whole chickens are CHEAP (also thighs!), and can make a lot of soup that will last. Plus you won't be spending money on chips and cookies and such. I've saved money eating real food.

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