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We are already in anarchy

I've heard many people say that society needs to be "ready" for anarchy, and we're not there yet.

Here is a different perspective from an article by Seth King --

There will always be criminals in the world and while we may be able to end institutionalized crime, we will never abolish it completely. Therefore, anarchists who claim that their goal is to achieve a free-market may suffer from erroneous thinking. I ask them, at what point do we achieve this so-called free-market? If government is nothing more than a criminal organization, and we will never completely eradicate all criminal organizations, at what point do we claim to have achieved a free-market? The answer must either surely be never, or always. For if a free-market is the absence of the initiation of aggression, then we can only ever hope for freer-markets and not the ever-illusive free-market.

On the other hand, if the free-market can effectively deal with criminal organizations, and if the state is nothing more than an extremely large criminal organization, then I say that its past time the free-market started to eradicate this criminal organization known as “government.”

I tend to believe that the free-market is here right now. We’ve already got it. I’ve written before that as an anarchist I do not believe that we need to achieve a stateless society before we achieve anarchy. Anarchy is merely truth. It is an understanding about how the world works. Anarchy has always ruled, currently does rule, and always will rule until the end of time.

We’re all living in the free-market right now. If you want a bazooka, go get one. Want to snort some cocaine? It’s available. Want to hire a prostitute? They’re out there. But watch out! There are criminals on the prowl who will kidnap you. And if you think the free-market is about the rest of the world letting you do the things you want then you have a poor understanding of the philosophy of freedom. Because freedom isn’t about having to ask others to do what you want. Freedom does not require anybody else’s permission.

We live in a world full of criminals. An anarchist is one who recognizes the state for what it truly is: a criminal organization. And as anarchist activists our goal is to abolish institutionalized criminal organizations. But one thing we must never do if we are to truly undermine a criminal organization’s legitimacy is to theorize about what actions it should or should not take in a moral sense. That is the behavior of the surrendered. Our goal is nothing short of its complete abolition.


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