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hardware and software

It may be the case that the AR-15 is "America's gun." That is unfortunate; it's not the right tool.

In fact, the idea of "America's gun" is something of a diversion. What we need is America's *skill*. What we need is America's skill, understanding, and commitment---the heritage of the American rifleman.

Of much more importance than the tool, however, is the mind. It is the ultimate weapon.

But since "America's gun" has been brought up...

Pistols and so called battle carbines, like the AR-15/M16, are individual self-defense weapons. They can be very useful for defense against a single (not too heavily armed or trained) aggressor. If the average thug comes to take your wallet or break into your house, a pistol or carbine is probably a good choice of tool, if you know how to use them.

As an aside, we've also seen that battle carbines like the M-16 can be pretty useful to break into people's houses and execute unwarranted aggression against relatively unsuspecting victims. Why any self-respecting human being wants to participate in such an activity is beyond me, but these poodle shooters are clearly suited to that use.

I repeat pistols and battle carbines are tools whose primary (moral) use is to defend an *individual* against *one* aggressor.

A battle rifle is the tool to defend *liberty* against multiple (maybe *many*) aggressors.

Now ask yourself: Which tool do we need in America?

"America's gun" if there is one, should be the M1 or the M1-A/M14. As Kenneth Royce said, we can even do the job with lever action 30-30's if we have the right mental preparation and know how to use them.