Comment: Primal eaters ate:

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Primal eaters ate:

No fried foods.

No nitrates and nitrites.

No vegetable oils. They turn to transfat when they oxidize, in the bottle or in the frying pan.

Eat lots of superfoods with high ORAC points to scavenge the bad stuff that gets in. I eat 100grams of dark chocolate a day for starters.

Human that get sufficeint quatntities of the 90 essential nutrients can avoid all diseases, congenital defects and reduce their chance of infections, and live a healthy life beyond 100.

Culture that have no medical care have 40x the 100 year old Americans do.

90% of American health care costs can be eliminated, leaving trauma and occasional infections. Get healthy.

Sweating without proper supplementation is suicide.

Free includes debt-free!