Comment: Just by coming on the DP your engaging in collectivism

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Just by coming on the DP your engaging in collectivism

And by casting a vote your engaging in collectivism. So your saying I should not be casting my vote because I am engaging in collective liberty? We all should withdraw from the local Republican party, because we are engaging in collectivism.

I do agree we need to get out of the system as much as possible, the banking system is so corrupt. Agribusiness, I believe is engaged in poisoning the population. In the past week I have been starting over a 1000 different plants for a garden to get myself and family out of big AG. I have been buying silver to get out of the banking system. Next I am going to build a generator that runs on wood, so I can pump water and use lights when all hell breaks loose.

Since my bees have been poisoned by Monsatan using the local farmer, I know the system is not my friend.

If I vote for anyone I am really compromising, because no two people have the exact same believes. We just need to do some simple research to find the best to match with our own believes. I didn't agree with a 100% of what Ron Paul stood for but I did believe in 80% and he convinced me on another 10%. So I did compromise on voting for Ron.

So far Rand makes great sense for me as a beekeeper because he is pushing hemp and any crop that gets us out of the control of big AG has got to be good.

The way I see it if we don't continually inch towards liberty as individuals and collectively we'll all be marching the mile into the FEMA camps.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed