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I'm not a conservative, but...

Having background checks is not, in any sense, a reasonable option because:

1. It is a form of registration. (And registration is the necessary precursor to confiscation from those who need to be armed.)

2. It will not affect unjustified aggression. (Once a person has decided to execute unjustified and immoral aggression using a firearm, he is unlikely to submit to any kind of background check if that activity hinders his ability to execute the aggression.)

This last point is extremely important. If one is actually interested in "devising solutions," then the first observation is that far more people are killed by legal aggression executed under the guise of "authority" than all else. For a solution, we need to remove the guns, tanks, drones, missiles, nuclear arms, and above all the myth of authority, from those who are the primary perpetrators of aggression.

The only way this can happen is if those who morally defend liberty keep, maintain, bear, and know how to use superior arms.

This is not anachronistic dogma nor blind absolutism. It is simple reality. It is the simple recognition that a society built on a foundation of aggression has no future, and forcing background checks on *anyone* who has not initiated aggression himself is a form of immoral, unjustified, and counterproductive aggression.