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Doug, there is no template.

Every township is different. In Canada we have provincial laws that ban herbicides/pesticides in cities but allow their rampant use along country roads, unless you step up and make yourself heard.

Every battle is different and I ended up fighting that battle alone, in spite of lip service promises and words Yes,let's do it"! Fought my battle and won. It means attending meetings and not just posting petitions on the internet.

Half of Americans do not seem to realize that they have a rogue government using your tax dollars to promote the interests of profiteers.

There are those of us in other countries that support your efforts, and empathize with your dilemma. It becomes a global dilemma and in the end a critical mass of aware people will finally put an end to the greedy profiteering and war mongering. What price we pay in the meantime. How many million Muslims dead by these rogue criminals whose only interest is power and wealth.

In the meantime let us all fight the good fight with more than just writing and talking about it. Get together and attend local municipal meetings. Grass roots.