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entry. And let me say that I agree with you 100%.

On the points of taxes for less fortunate. There are some aspects of society in which it just makes sense to pay a little to prevent paying more later. Things like medicare that provide healthcare to the poor benefit us who are not poor. How? Because if you care for the sick, any transmutable diseases they carry will be prevented from entering the population. Inherited diseases can be treated early to provide that individual with the ability to be productive later in life.

On the point of acceptance of other groups. I fully agree here. One is only as free as much as he allows his neighbor to be. By taking sides on issues, especially issues in which a majority hold down a minority, you are being as far from a freedom loving liberal/libertarian as you can be.

Kudos to you. I wish more people on this site would actually be classical liberals, and not conspiracy theorist/bible thumping/atheist religion hating, judgemental class dividers. It is refreshing.