Comment: Lies. Damn lies. And statistics!

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Lies. Damn lies. And statistics!

Mark Twain Stamp Act [Forever].
Sigma is a measure deviation. Sizing up a deviant. 3 sigma is a conspiracy. 3 deviants. A deviant conspiracy. At times, becoming a riot.

Three-Sigma Limits: Statistical limit calculation that refers to data within three standard deviations from a mean. Three-sigma limits (3-sigma limits) are used to set the upper and lower control limits in statistical quality control charts. Control charts are used to establish limits for a manufacturing or other repetitive processes under statistical control.

Control charts quantify variability in output measurements. Such control charts are named after Walter A. Shewhart, American physicist, engineer and statistician (1891-1967).

Three-Sigma Limits: Shewart set 3 standard deviation (3-sigma) limits as "a rational and economic guide to minimum economic loss." 3 sigma limits sets range at 0.27% process control limit. A standard deviation is a statistical measurement of variability, showing how much variation exists from a mean. Low values indicate that the data points fall close to the mean (average)... Investors use standard deviation to gauge expected (tolerated) volatility... [of an elastic measure... a deviant measure... paper money]...

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