Comment: May I suggest a very slight paradigm shift? "We" are powerless

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May I suggest a very slight paradigm shift? "We" are powerless

and screwed, but as individuals, the potential power is nearly limitless.
Stop looking for leaders, saviors, mentors, or "acceptable compromise" with evil, and start living as righteously as you can. If you are religious, you will think that means something it does not. It is about the root word of "right." If you make your level best effort to do what is RIGHT, you change your world immediately. And if you are not sure what is right, ask yourself what love would dictate. We justify many things because "they deserved it" but if we don't seek to BE a leader, savior, mentor, or willing to compromise on what is RIGHT... we just do the most loving thing we can... If you decide to give this a try, know that it is frustrating, it requires CONSTANT vigilance of your motivations and a constant willingness to forgive yourself when you screw up because you will. Often. At least I do. And it is not like "rub the magic lamp and wish it so" - it takes going through a lot of people who are out to use you, cut you down, test your will, before you begin to get real friends in your new world, and they will not be perfect, no one is. But you can change the whole world the instant you change yourself, it just takes a while to fully manifest and will always be a work in progress.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.