Comment: This was done by a small group of people

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This was done by a small group of people

So lets just get that clear and no I am not ok with what they did as I have stated over and over.

Would people being on their 5th wife and or people having 10 kids with 10 different partners be to blame for the destruction of what you consider the traditional family or is it just the evil gays?

Maybe you guys in the religious right should know a little about Ron Paul before trying to infiltrate it. This site is about Ron Paul and even he has said you can not legislate morality. You teach people through example and not from prohibiting them from what you deem as immoral or bad behavior through the force of government.

Now if the religious right still wants to co opt this movement because they see their neo-con allies going down in flames you are welcome to come over but be advised we are not going to bow down to you and use the government to force moral laws on people.